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FLOW WELL strategy of excellence has allowed building and forging strong alliances with a number of manufacturing companies within different countries, like: – UAE, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada, and Russia, which subsequently formed planned diversification to all chemical products. Matter of fact FLOW WELL is engaged with all those Manufacturing plants around the world with strong agreements to provide us with the required raw materials and new technology.
FLOW WELL is specialized in Oil Drilling Chemicals up stream and down stream. FLOW WELL Deliver the highest quality Mud chemical products, solutions, engineering design, training and after sales support services.. FLOW WELL is working to exceed the quality standards for our customer expectations at every step of our services process. This includes the planned and systematic monitoring, testing and documenting of all practices as well as alignment with all recognized global standards, such as ISO and API. We monitor and control the quality of our products in-house, ensuring that no opportunity for improvement is lost.