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Our History
2018810_f520 FLOW WELL was established in 1996 in Egypt, under the name of “TCG”. It was specialized in Oil & Gas drilling services for Libya, Syria and Iraq. In January 2003, the name changed to “Egypt Oil Tools”, adding pumps services to our portfolio. In 2010, a new company was started to work internationally under the name of FLOW WELL to invest and work as manufacturer and traders. Although, to provide full procurement, rentals and logistic support services for all land and marine exploration, drilling, production and remote location operations.

As part of our plan to penetrate the International Market, in March 2013, FLOW WELLmoved its Headquarters office to Abu Dhabi – UAE with the support of the Free Zone in Alexandria and office in Maadi – Cairo – Egypt.. This plan is based on cooperating with well-established oilfield manufacturing companies to manufacture our products under FLOW WELL brand name and our Q/C plan. Together these companies form FLOW WELL Oilfield Products – creating opportunities, acceptable delivery time and delivering a wide variety of smart, innovative and practical drilling and well construction products for today’s oilfields. This globally diversified future plan will create together a series of advanced & latest international technology to work under the FLOW WELL portfolio.

What we do
FLOW WELL has a unique technology culture to create opportunities, reducing risk and delivering a wide variety of smart, innovative and practical drilling, production and well construction products for today’s oilfields. Sharing the commitment of expertise, practical Oil & Gas equipment trading, manufacturing and engineering simplicity that we dedicate to our customers.
Our Mission
FLOW WELL mission is to help our customers achieve their goals safely, in-time & within budget—and beyond expectations. In doing so, we take it upon ourselves to hand-select teams that are seasoned, hard working and passionate about what they do to ensure that our customers consistently receive the expert attention they deserve. FLOW WELL follows the most efficient, safe and ethical practices possible. FLOW WELL provides the leadership and partnership that our customers expect.

Our Safety
590033_Oil-rig-workers_400FLOW WELL field teams are the heart of what we do, and their safety and wellbeing are paramount. Each of our employees is trained, certified and experienced in current worksite safety procedures as well as how to work safely with certified, properly maintained equipment. We know that by keeping our teams safe, we are able to keep our customers’ operation moving forward.

Our Environment
FLOW WELL believes is no time like the present, and Select is working diligently to cultivate a business environment that emphasizes and prioritizes environmentally sound decision-making today. FLOW WELL strives to leverage the advancements in technology to provide environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions to operators. With a focus on minimizing impact, FLOW WELL continues to do our part to lead in responsible environmental practices. This starts with adhering to strict environmental standards in all that we do. It also means demonstrating great caution and workplace safety to protect our employees—and more importantly, support the communities in which we work by giving back. FLOW WELL continuously works with officials and local organizations to help support the communities’ interests, needs and economy. Ultimately, it’s FLOW WELL goal to not just use the space but to improve the space we use.

FLOW WELL team members form a unique blend of industry-leading people as they were carefully chosen from a large group of applicants that had an impressive previous experience with plan to have diversified nationalities employees, and to have several languages working in our team. FLOW WELL team was built up and selected upon years of experience and the pursuit of excellent engineers, and technicians selected upon their great history coming from international companies worldwide.

Under FLOW WELL brand name we are selling advanced drilling Mud Chemicals, providing logging services, down-hole equipment, “ESP” (Electric Submersible Pumps) and Sucker rod pump (rent & repair). In addition a good range of other services, like fishing services. FLOW WELL also have a solid agreement with more than one fabrication facilities which we can participate in the industry specialists in finding solutions, providing class “A” services, applications engineering and project development. We give our clients access to the right experts at the right time wherever they are.