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Flow Well pipeline services

FLOW WELL Process offers pipeline services in three primary categories to help global operators improve pipeline efficiency, reduce product-to-market time, reduce HSE risk, and meet regulatory standards. Its services include pipeline pre-commissioning, flooding, hydrostatic testing, cleaning, drying and product commissioning; pipeline maintenance, including in-line filtration and separation, gel pigging, chemical cleaning, nitrogen purging, online pigging, temporary pumping packages and product transfer; and thirdly, pipeline inspection services that offer caliper, inertial geometry, cathodic protection surveys, metal loss using MFL technology and fit-for-purpose evaluations.

FLOW WELL services are available to the natural gas, crude oil, refined products and petrochemical industries in major oil producing areas across the globe.

FLOW WELL classified the pipelines to four basic types of pipelines used in the oil and gas industry are:

Flow linesGathering linesCrude trunk pipelinesPetroleum product trunk pipelines
Flow lines
Flow lines is used to move crude oil or natural gas from producing wells to producing field storage tanks and reservoirs. Transport crude oils, compressed and liquefied hydrocarbon gases, liquid petroleum products and other chemicals from their point of origin to a storage tank, pipeline terminals, refineries, distributors and consumers.
Gathering lines
Gathering lines and Feeder lines are typically larger in diameter than flow lines. Gathering and feeder lines collect oil and gas from several locations for delivery to central accumulating points, such as from field crude oil tanks and gas plants to marine docks. Feeder lines collect oil and gas from several locations for delivery direct into trunk lines, such as moving crude oil from offshore platforms to onshore crude trunk pipelines.
Crude trunk pipelines
Crude trunk pipelines are moving Natural gas and Crude oil for long distances from producing areas or marine docks to refineries and from refineries to storage and distribution in larger-diameter trunk pipelines.
Petroleum product trunk pipelines
Petroleum product trunk pipelines move liquid petroleum products such as gasoline and fuel oil from refineries to terminals, and from marine and pipeline terminals to distribution terminals. Product pipelines may also distribute products from terminals to bulk plants and consumer storage facilities, and occasionally from refineries direct to consumers. Product pipelines are used to move LPG from refineries to distributor storage facilities or large industrial users.

What can we produce?

FLOW WELL can produce the L longitudinal – welded pipes with diameters begins with “1/2” inch (21.3mm) to “8” inch (219.1m.m) with thickness 2 mm- 4 mm and 9.52mm for the purpose of transmitting crud oil and gases according to international English specifications of American petroleum Institution API-5L, ASTM A53, Bs-1387 and Germany 2441, 2440, 2439 DIN from the steel 37 & 42 steel using Electric resistance welding (ERW), from rolls of steel begins from the rank A.B until the steel of degree X65.

FLOW WELL can produce Steel Welded Pipes using submerged Arc welding process (SAW). Diameters begin from 6 inch (159mm) to 64 inch (1625mm) according to American petroleum institute (API-5L) and the specification A252 ASTM, A211 ASTM, Wall thickness 4mm until 12.7mm.

FLOW WELL can also produce any of the below:

Pipes protects
Galvanizing pipes with diameters “1/2 to “4 by hot submerging in basins of melting zinc all that form inner and outer together for water pipes lines.
Piping outer isolation using 3 layers of Polyurethane Thermal Insulation. From “6 until “64 the protection of the pipes.
Piping inner isolation.
Different shapes & type and sizes of Lighting pole.
Inspection and Quality control
FLOW WELL guarantees high quality production by applying accurate Q/C measurement through all production stages using modern equipment’s, tools alike fixed on the production ultrasonic tests and x-Ray inspections, hydrostatical tests to 200 bar as per pressure API tables for each product. Also chemical analysis and mechanic tests and measurements for company’s productions.

FLOW WELL having a contract with El Nasr steel pipes to manufacture our pipe lines as they are the greatest and the biggest manufactures and exporters of steel pipes in Africa and the middle east it established in 1962 the long life & greatest perfect. El Nasr steel pipes have ISO-9001- 2014 certificate and the certificate of American petroleum institution API that include the highest quality production by all measurements.